Bahasa Indonesia

Meet and Greet


Apa kabar?

In this lesson we will:

- learn how to meet and greet in Indonesian

- learn how to use terms of address

- discuss Indonesian country profile

Key activites:

Learn and practise greetings and introduction language

Learn about the cultural practice of using terms of address

Learn and practise Indonesian numbers

Watch and discuss a video clip about Indonesian culture to support our learning

Vocabulary, Grammar and Language Points

- Greetings: apa kabar? selamat pagi, selamat siang, selamat sore

- Terms of address: Ibu/Bu, Bapak/Pak, Mbak, Mas, De...

- Talking about self: Nama saya..., umur saya..., saya tinggal di...

- saya berasal dari..., saya lahir di...

- Numbers 1-100


Key phrases:

Apa kabar?                                  How are you?

Selamat pagi                               Good morning

Kenalkan                                      Allow me to introduce myself

Nama saya...                               My name is...

Saya tinggal di...                       I live in...

Saya berasal dari...                 I come from...

Umur saya...                               I am...years old

Personal Pronouns and Terms of Address

Personal Pronoun PDF

Meet and Greet, Personal Pronouns and
Terms of Address









Let's learn how to use language for meeting and greeting in Indonesia:

Meet and Greet PDF

Let's practise Indonesian greetings.


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Giliranmu     Your turn!

Prepare questions to ask your classmates asking them:

- Their name
- Where they live
- What city they come from

Dont't forget to be polite and to use term of address

Indonesian number system

Indonesian numbers PDF

Listening practice

Let's watch a video and test our listening skills.

Listen out for:

- The boy's name

- His age

- Where he comes from

Indonesian Culture

Let's watch a video about Indonesian culture.
Take notes of cutural aspects that are new to you.

Indonesian Culture

Which of these Indonesian cultural aspects have you already heard about?

Which ones are new?

Which did you find interesting?

How do you compare some of these with aspects of Australian culture?

Pekerjaan rumah      Homework

Tugas PR - Translate the following paragraph into Indonesian, fill in the ellipsis information about yourself:
Hello! My name is... . I live in... . I am from... and I was born in... .

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Grammar Talk

Indonesian Grammar Reference

Ayo meriset!

Apa itu...?

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