Bahasa Indonesia

Terima kasih untuk kadonya!

Thank you for the present!

Ketemu lagi!

We meet again!

In this lesson we will:
- learn about language when receiving gifts
- learn about the semantic and functional uses of the word nggak

Vocabulary, Grammar and Language Points

- Vocabulary about celebrations and receiving gifts
- how to use nggak as negator
- how to use nggak as question tag
- different uses of discourse particle nah

Key activites:

Learn and practise vocabulary about celebrations
Watch and discuss a video about a birthday
Practise sentences using nggak and nah
Learn about gift giving cultural practices
Learn and practise Indonesian numbers

Minggu lalu ngapain?

What did you do last week?

Minggu lalu saya bekerja di rumah menyiapkan pelajaran bahasa Indonesia.
Saya juga masak dan seperti biasa membawa anjing saya jalan-jalan ke taman.
Jumat malam saya ke rumah teman dan kita main musik.
Pada akhir minggu, kita ada acara keluarga dan kumpul-kumpul dekat pantai. Kita merayakan lima ulang tahun sekaligus.

Giliranmu!  Your turn!
Use some of the structures from the above examples to write a paragraph about your activities last week. Share and read aloud to your class when you're finished.

Terima kasih untuk kadonya!

Key phrases:

Selamat ulang tahun!                 Happy birthday!

Kado                                                   Gift

Oleh-oleh                                         Gift

Hadiah                                              Present/Prize

Merepotkan                                   To cause inconvenience

Ngerepotin                                     To cause inconvenience

Let's read and learn about gift giving in Indonesia

Gift PDF

Met Ultah!

Let's learn some colloquial vocabulary and phrases by watching this birthday cartoon video clip.

Read the vocabulary and phrases list, then listen to the clip. Use the transcript to help you understand the dialogue.

Met ultah nopal PDF

What language in the clip is new to you?
Complete Part C of the PDF and discuss with class new language that you find interesting.

Met ultah nopal PDF

Use the following quiz to help you complete section D of the PDF.


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Medley Lagu Selamat Ulang Tahun Anak-anak

Below is a medley of traditional birthday songs.

Kahoot! Activity

Let's login to Kahoot! and test our knowledge.

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Grammar Talk

Let's discuss the difference between active/passive verbs.

Indonesian Grammar Reference

Keeping up with the news

As the course progresses, from time to time, we might read the headlines from the latest Indonesian news for class discussion.

CNN Indonesia

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Antara News

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