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Islam masuk Indonesia

Salam Alaikum!

Let's learn about Nusantara's conversion into Islam.

In the lesson we will:

- learn about Classical Malay and early Islamic polities

- learn about how Indonesians celebrate Lebaran

- learn some phrases and speech acts relating to Lebaran

Key activites:

Watch and discuss videos about the spread of Islam

Read excerpts about Classical Malay and the coming of Islam into Indonesia

Learn about the cultural practices during lebaran

The rise of Islam in Nusantara

Let's watch some videos about the spread of Islam in Indonesia. Take notes of the key points mentioned and discuss with class.

Class discussions: Let's read some texts about the spread of Islam in Indonesia.



What does the excerpt from Sneddon's text say about the role of Malacca in the linguistic formation of Malay?

What details does the text provide about Malay at the time?

Read the text below about the spread of Islam in Java from:
'Oleh karena itu...Kerajaan Majapahit'.
'Bahkan...[end of text]'

How did Islam spread in Java according to the text?
What siginificant change did Islam bring to Java?



Lebaran di Indonesia

Key phrases:

Perayaan                                  Celebration

Merayakan                               To celebrate

Minta                                           Asking for something

Minta maaf                               Asking for forgiveness

Pulang kampung                   Returning to hometown

Agama                                        Religion

Lebaran video

Let's watch a video about key features of Lebaran in Indonesia. Before we start, let's reflect on what we already know about Lebaran?

What comes to mind when we think of Eid?
Let's brainstorm and discuss our prior knowledge.

Did you get the 5 key cultural concepts mentioned in the clip?
Watch the video again and complete the following activities.

Lebaran PDF

Kahoot! Activity

Let's login to Kahoot! and test our knowledge.

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Grammar Talk

Let's discuss the difference between active/passive verbs.

Indonesian Grammar Reference

Keeping up with the news

As the course progresses, from time to time, we might read the headlines from the latest Indonesian news for class discussion.

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