Bahasa Indonesia

Makan yuk!

Let's eat!

Sudah lama nggak ketemu!

Let's learn about...


In this lesson we will:

- learn how to order food at a restaurant

Vocabulary, Grammar and Language Points

- verbs: minta, pesan, bayar

- phrases: boleh minta, mau bayar, berapa harganya?

- discourse particle dong

Key activites:

Watch and listen to videos about food

Learn and practise language to describe and order food

Learn about the cultural practices relating to food

Ayo Makan!

Key phrases:

Mau makan sate nggak?                   Would you like to eat some satay?

Makan bakso yuk!                                 Let's eat bakso!

Permisi, boleh pesan?                          Excuse me, can I order?

Boleh minta sate?                                   Can I have satay?

Ada soto ayam?                                       Is there soto ayam?

Minta es kelapa dong                           Can I please have ice coconut

Kamu paling suka makan apa?      What food do you like the most?

Apa makanan kesukaanmu?             What is your favourite food?

Let's learn some phrases for ordering food in a restaurant

Di rumah makan PDF

Song: Abang tukang bakso

Let's listen to the Abang tukang bakso song

Listen to the song again and complete the activities in the PDF

Bang tukang bakso PDF

Video: Floating Canteen at Health School

Watch listen this video about a healthy-green school canteen in Surabaya

Watch and listen to the video again and complete the activities in the PDF

Kantin Apung PDF

Let's practise what we have learnt. Use the quiz to help you complete the pdf below.

Ayo makan! PDF


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Berduaan dengan teman sekelas, tulis percakapan tentang dua teman yang lagi membahas mau makan apa. (kurang lebih 10-12 kalimat)

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Grammar Talk

Homework discussion

Indonesian Grammar Reference

Bahasa Gaul

Let's learn some slang!

Bahasa Gaul PDF

Keeping up with the news

As the course progresses, from time to time, we might read the headlines from the latest Indonesian news for class discussion.

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