Bahasa Indonesia


Selamat sarapan!

In this lesson we will:

- learn about breakfast choices

Vocabulary, Grammar and Language Points

- Language about making food choices

- Formal and informal question framing

- No-subject passive: Obj di-V

- Imperative: base-V Obj-nya

- Discourse particle sih

Key activites:

Watch and discuss videos about breakfast choices

Learn and practise question phrases and syntax for cooking instruction

Learn and practise common sentence starters

Previous lesson recap

Can you answer these questions?

Apa makanan kesukaanmu?

Apa masakan kesukaanmu?

Kalau ke restoran biasanya memesan makanan apa saja?

Pernah coba...?

Lebih suka... atau ...?


Berbagai kalimat pertanyaan:

Sarapan apa yang sehat?                                  

Sarapan apa ya yang sehat?                                  

Sebaiknya untuk sarapan makan apa?                                  

Sebaiknya untuk sarapan makan apa ya?                                  

Sebaiknya untuk sarapan, makanan apa sih yang sehat?                                  

Watch the Sarapan Telur Sosis video and complete the activity in the pdf below.

Sarapan Telur Sosis

Let's now watch the Fakta Makan Nasi Saat Sarapan video and complete the activities A & B in the pdf below.

Fakta sarapan nasi PDF

Sebaiknya untuk sarapan kita makan apa?

Complete Part C from the Fakta sarapan nasi PDF. Use the Quiz below to help you.


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Kahoot! Activity

Let's login to Kahoot! and test our knowledge.

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Grammar Talk

Homework discussion.

Indonesian Grammar Reference

Bahasa Gaul

Let's learn some slang!

Bahasa Gaul PDF

Keeping up with the news

As the course progresses, from time to time, we might read the headlines from the latest Indonesian news for class discussion.

CNN Indonesia

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Antara News

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