Bahasa Indonesia

Bahasa sehari-hari


Ngapain aja!

Di pelajaran ini, kita akan:

- belajar tentang bahasa sehari-hari

- mendiskusikan ciri-ciri linguistik dari bahasa sehari-hari.

Key activities:

Watch and discuss videos containing informal spoken Indonesian.

Read an article and learn about informal Indonesian linguistic features.

Vocabulary, Grammar and Language Points

- informal phonological, morphological, lexical and semantic variations.

Key vocabulary

Ngapain do what/what for
Lagi ngapain? What are [pronoun] doing?
Ngapain ke sana? What are [pronoun] going there for?
Enggak no
Kagak no
Pengen want
Nggak usah Don't need to
[ADJ] kan? It's [ADJ] right?
[ADJ/Verb] nggak? Do you [Verb]?/Is it [ADJ]?


Let's practise listening and understanding skills. In the following video an Indonesian language expert talks about formal and informal Indonesian. Complete the activities in the pdf.

Ragam bahasa formal dan informal (PDF)

Class discussion: What did Ivan Lanin's say about formal and informal Indonesian?

Let's learn about the linguistic features of spoken Indonesian. Read the FINDINGS AND DISCUSSIONS section of the following article and discuss your understanding with the class.

Everyday Spoken Indonesian For Students (PDF)

Everyday Spoken Indonesian For Students (URL link)

Let's read an extract from the short story
Cerita si putih abu-abu.
This is only an introduction to the nature of colloquial spoken Indonesian. Learning colloquial spoken Indonesian in depth is a study and a separate course in itself. At this point this only an introductory exposure. Your teacher will translate the text and explain some of the idioms and language features.


Cerita si putih abu-abu

Listening to and understanding informal Indonesian
The activities on informal Indonesian in the following module are based on a YouTube travel influencer in Indonesia.

Buka jalan di Lombok (Bahasa sehari-hari)

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Pekerjaan rumah     Homework

Rewrite these informal sentences into standard Indonesian and provide English translation:
- Hey Jina, gimana loe?
- Gue bae-bae aja. Elu lagi ngapain?
- Ini gue lagi di mall ngedengerin bandnya si Indah.
- Oh si Indah lagi pentas... di mall yang mana?
- Bintaro plaza. Dateng dong!
- Wah sorry kagak bisa soalnya lagi pengen nemenin Mamah belanja.
- Ya oke deh kalo gitu. Ntar malem gue kontak lagi.
- Sip, dah.

Kahoot! Activity

Let's login to Kahoot! and test our knowledge.

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Keeping up with the news

As the course progresses, from time to time, we might read the headlines from the latest Indonesian news for class discussion.

CNN Indonesia

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Antara News

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Ayo meriset!

Apa itu...?

Ayo kita riset dan diskusikan dengan kelas!

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