Bahasa Indonesia


Selamat datang di Indonesia!

Di pelajaran ini, kita akan belajar tentang:

- beberapa tempat pariwisata di Indonesia.

Vocabulary, Grammar and Language Points

- locative verb ada

- modal verb bisa

- describing places and tourist activities

Key activities:

Learning about some tourist destinations in Indonesia

Learn how to describe places

Learn how to describe travel activities

Pariwisata Indonesia

Key phrases:

Pariwisata                                                Tourism

Ada                                                                There is/are

Ada apa di sana?                                    What is there?

Bisa melakukan apa di sana?          What can one do there?

Bisa ngapain aja di sana?                  What can one do there?

Beberapa tujuan wisata Indonesia


Bukit Lawang


Di Bukit Lawang ada tempat rehabilitasi orangutan.
[Di] + [place name] + [ada] + [place description].

Di Bukit Lawang bisa merawat orangutan.
[Di] + [place name] + [bisa]+ [verb] + [noun].

Danau Toba



Di Danau Toba ada danau besar.
[Di] + [place name] + [ada] + [place description].

Di Danau Toba bisa naik perahu.
[Di] + [place name] + [bisa]+ [verb] + [noun].




Di Yogyakarta ada candi.
[Di] + [place name] + [ada] + [object].

Di candi bisa mengambil foto.
[Di] + [place name] + [bisa]+ [verb] + [noun].

Let's more about Indonesian cultural tourism.


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Giliranmu sekarang!

Now it's your turn!

Wawancara    Interview :

Task 1 - Interview a classmate about places they have visited.

Ask them the following questions:

Kamu sudah berlibur ke mana saja?
Kamu pergi dengan siapa?
Kamu melihat apa di situ?
Kamu melakukan apa di situ?

Task 2 - Using the information from the interview, write a paragraph describing your friend's travel experience. Include an introduction and vocabularies describing places and activities.

Here is an example how a paragraph could look like:

Selamat siang. Ini teman saya, namanya...
... pernah berlibur ke....
... pergi dengan...
Di situ dia ....dan ...

Task 3 - Share your paragraph with the class.

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Keeping up with the news

As the course progresses, from time to time, we might read the headlines from the latest Indonesian news for class discussion.

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