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Pancasila Sakti!



Di pelajaran ini, kita akan:

- belajar tentang seperti apa jiwa Pancasila?

- mendiskusikan bagaimana jiwa Pancasila terungkap di budaya populer Indonesia

Vocabulary, Grammar and Language Points

- Conjunction phrases: untuk, supaya/agar & sehingga

Key activities:

Watch and discuss videos about Pancasila

Analyse and discuss Pancasila values and its socialisation

Learn historical development of Pancasila

Learn and practise using the conjunction phrases untuk, supaya/agar & sehingga


Key phrases:

Bhinneka                             Diverse

Kebhinnekaan                   Diversity

Keragaman                         Plurality

Perbedaan                           Differences

Saling menghargai         Respecting each other

Untuk                                      1. for / 2. in order to

Supaya                                   so that / in order to (purposive)

Sehingga                               so that / in order to (causative)




'Diverse One It'
'We are diverse but of one essence'
'Unity in Diversity'


Indonesian national ideology

Lagu Garuda Pancasila

Listening practise
Test your listening skills, transcribe and translate the lyrics.

Lima Asas Pancasila

Do you know what the five principles of Pancasila are?
Let's watch and listen Soekarno's explanation and discuss the five Pancasila principles with class.


Jiwa Kita Pancasila

Watch the video about the beginnings of Pancasila and complete the activites in the pdf below.

Pancasila adalah Indonesia

Read the article Pancasila adalah Indonesia
Click di sini!
and continue with section B in the Pancasila pdf.

Saya Pancasila! Kamu?

Watch the video Saya Pancasila! Kamu?
and read the article Antara doele: peringatan pertama hari lahir Pantjasila
Click di sini!
and continue with section C in the Pancasila pdf.

Pancasila & Islam

Read the articles below and complete activity D in the Pancasila pdf.

Agamis dan nasionalis  Click di sini!
Soekarno Pancasila Islam  Click di sini!
Jalan tengah  Click di sini!
NU & Pancasila  Click di sini!

KAMI Indonesia

Watch the video KAMI Indonesia and complete activity E in the Pancasila pdf.

You better know your Pancasila!

Watch the video Mabuk berat and complete activity F in the Pancasila pdf.


Watch the music clip Salam and complete activity G in the Pancasila pdf.

Study section H of the Pancasila pdf


and complete the following quiz.

Untuk, supaya, sehingga Quiz

Click di sini

Giliranmu sekarang!

You’re an Indonesian military personnel and you are explaining, in Indonesian, the meaning of the phrases Merdeka dalam bhinneka and Jiwa kita Pancasila to your Australian counterpart. Prepare notes for your speech, no more than 100 words, and share your explanation with the class.

Use some of these useful phrases, or any other form this lesson, to help you.

… itu artinya… - …means…

Indonesia terdiri dari… - Indonesia consist of…

Beragam - Diverse

Walaupun…, namun… - Even though…., yet…

Suku… - Ethnicity

Kepercayaan… - Beliefs

Toleransi… - Tolerance

Untuk (CP) - In order to (purposive)

Supaya - So that (purposive)

Saling menghormati - Respecting each other

Hidup damai - Living peacefully

Kahoot! Activity

Let's login to Kahoot! and test our knowledge.

Player join

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Grammar Talk

Homework discussion.

Indonesian Grammar Reference

Bahasa Gaul

Let's learn some slang!

Bahasa Gaul PDF

Keeping up with the news

As the course progresses, from time to time, we might read the headlines from the latest Indonesian news for class discussion.

CNN Indonesia

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Antara News

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