About this website

Welcome to the BBBIQ (Balai Bahasa dan Budaya Indonesia - Queensland) website for learning and teaching Indonesian Language, aligning to the Australian Curriculum (Year 7 Entry Sequence).

The material on this website is open source, available to anyone to use to learn and teach Indonesian - especially designed for learners in Australian education settings as these resources are aligned to the Australian Curriculum for Indonesian. This website is a work-in-progress and resources for more units and year levels will be created as time progresses.

For teachers
These resources are not prescriptive and teachers are free to adopt-and-adapt and add their own creative input to suit their education environment and students’ needs. Assessment is also not prescribed as teachers are best informed to design their own, specific to their cohort needs. The Year 7-8 Band is ab initio and may be suitable for all beginner learners. To contribute your suggestions and ideas, please click on the link below.


This project has been made possible through the efforts of our President (2020-2022) Ibu Fi Hudghton, who secured the funding for the BBBIQ production team to design and create these resources, in collaboration with the University of Queensland as funding distributor and project overseer, facilitated by Dr Annie Pohlman.

We thank all the teachers, academics and production staff who have contributed in the way of ideas, suggestions, advice, QA and resource development, toward the initial completion of this project. A special gratitude is owed to the individuals who have been unswervingly committed and directly involved in the fulfillment of this project: Ibu Fi Hudghton, Ibu/Dr Annie Pohlman, Dr Lester Ford, Ibu Kerry O’Connor, Ibu Nicola Hight, Pak Murray Belkin, Ibu Karen Magnussen, Pak Agustinus Timotius, Ibu Heather Kopp, Pak David Goldsworthy, Faiza Larasati Purnomo, Pak Egia Varhana, Pak Halim Nataprawira.